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Rezoning Case Z190-349


Recap of August 31, 2021

Town Hall Meeting

Councilmember Gay Willis hosted a community town hall meeting on August 31, 2021. The purpose of the meeting was to show the current plan regarding the rezoning case on Forest/Nuestra, ensure everyone had the facts on the project, and share what had been gathered from neighbors' questions and points-of-concern over the past couple of months.  


After an introduction by CM Willis, presentations were made by Tommy Mann, attorney for the developer; Richard Rohan, Janelle Alcantara, and Richard Brown on behalf of Friends of Forest Lane; Maureen Milligan, a Melshire neighborhood resident; and Katherine McGovern, a representative from the Preston Royal Library Friends. 


Attendance was more than anticipated. It is estimated that at least 200+ people were in attendance. 


The developer provided an overview of the current site plan, renderings of the development, and newly-developed landscape plan showing that nine live oaks along Forest Lane will be preserved.


The three speakers from Friends of Forest Lane encouraged CM Willis to vote against rezoning. They reasoned that neither the City nor the developer had given clear indication how the proposal benefits our neighborhood, and that the proposal violates several zoning ordinances and deed restrictions. They added that communication to residents about the rezoning proposal was insufficient and the deed restrictions supersede rezoning.  Letters of intent from four builders were presented. They are interested to develop the property into no more than nine single-family homes.  Presented onstage,  a map of the homeowners' notification zone highlighted 55 opposed, 5 in favor, and 21 no response.  


Of the scheduled neighborhood residents, only one addressed the audience. Ms. Milligan spoke in favor of the development and delivered sentiments about maintaining the character and growing the diversity of Melshire Estates. 


Ms. McGovern from Preston Royal Library Friends spoke briefly about the library, and the need for the proceeds of the sale of the property to fund renovations.

Friends of Forest Lane extends gratitude to Councilmember Willis for organizing the community meeting and to E.D. Walker Middle School for opening their auditorium to the community. 

Recap of August 11, 2021

City Council Hearing

Councilwoman Gay Donnell Willis has postponed the hearing for the rezoning case in Melshire Estates. The hearing has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 9th, 2021. 


There were 17 people that registered to speak to the City Council on August 11, 2021. Of those 16 were opposed to the rezoning and 1 was in favor.  Of the 16 opposed, 13 were residents of Melshire Estates and 3 were from other neighborhoods nearby.  The residents living within 500 feet of the rezoning area were able to submit official votes to the City. The votes were tabulated as 45 opposed and 7 in favor of the development. The vote was so heavily weighted against the rezoning that it has triggered a special vote of City Council in order to pass. A super-majority vote by City Council will be required to pass the zoning change.  


CW Willis has postponed the hearing so that she has the opportunity to host a neighborhood town-hall to discuss the development.  This Community Update Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, August 31st

at 6 pm at ED Walker Middle School. Please don't miss this opportunity to have your voice heard. 

The Proposal

  • Converts 8 Single-Family lots into a 26 Lot Housing Complex

  • Abandons all current setbacks

  • Inserts 66 vehicles into an area intended for 16 cars

  • Front Setbacks = 5 Feet

  • Rear Setbacks = 3 Feet

  • Destruction of mature Live Oaks trees on existing lots, leaving little room to replant

  • Creates 3 Traffic Hazards

  • Increases the potential for flooding

  • Extreme invasion of privacy for your neighbors on Brookstown

325% Increase
In Density

Proposed Development Plans


The Developers

The Developers

  • Who is Forest Park Development LLC? 
    This entity holds the contract to purchase the 8 lots but has not yet closed on the sale.  Their contract is contingent upon successfully rezoning the lots . They have the right to terminate the contract if they cannot get the zoning they require. The LLC was formed by  Brent Aaron, Bill Davis & Lou Olerio.      

    Other Developers

  • Several other development groups are hoping that Lou Olerio backs out of the contract.  Most have great reputations in Dallas for sophisticated developments.  Each of these have expressed a desire to work with the community to create tasteful single-family homes, retirement living or a senior living park.


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