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The Friends of Forest Lane is taking a multi-faceted approach to ensure responsible development of the 3.4 acres on Forest Lane.  In order to stop the rezoning of the land, we are leveraging the power several neighborhoods near Forest and the Tollway.  We are also actively supporting the residents of Melshire Estates which have retained the professional services of top tier consultants and the legal counsel of a firm that specializes in land use and zoning laws.


The 8 lots on Forest Lane are owned by the City of Dallas, but are part of the Melshire Estates Neighborhood. There are well defined deed restrictions that govern what can be built on the land.  The proposed rezoning is a violation of those deed restrictions and only residents of Melshire Estates have the ability to enforce them. The Friends of Forest Lane is contributing, financially, to the legal fees of the Melshire Residents Association. Your participation and contributions are greatly appreciated.  


With Gratitude, 

The Friends of Forest Lane and The Melshire Residents Association 

Donate to Melshire Residents Association to assist with Legal Fees, Signage, Professional Services for Rezoning Case 190-349

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